Friday, 29 January 2016

Thing 11 - Reflective Practice

This course has been a very interesting experience in terms of time management for me. As I am self employed I don't have the constraints of an employer or boss controlling my time but I have found it very difficult to manage the course efficiently

I was managing very well, largely keeping up until the summer holidays started and then with my kids at home and time no longer my own I found weeks were going past when new 'Things' were being posted and I was not on top of things. Hence between school starting in September and the end of the course I was catching up. This is not a position I enjoyed being in and I think I found it more difficult to engage with the modules and the other people on the course because I was out of sync.

I think I would have prefered the course to run along term times rather than over a long holiday. I am sure that not everyone had this issue but I am certain I enjoyed the last part of the course less because I no longer felt so in touch with the time frames.

I am not a prolific writer and always tend to keep my written work brief so I didn't find the blogs particularly hard to write although no doubt if you'd spoken to me after each 'Thing' I'd have said more. Maybe I should have dictated my thoughts into a blog post...something to consider if I ever do it again.

Thing 6 - Reflective Practice

Revisiting this Thing as I am, I had looked at the blogs before but forgot to complete the task by writing this post, I am really privileged to read so many great blogs. I see such a variety of experience and reaction.

This is a profession in which diversity is more prominent than most and yet we still manage to see each others similarities and support each other when necessary. I am very interested to see people's ideas about how some of the new technologies can be applied to their field and which they are already using.

I have found that there simply hasn't been enough time to interact with other people on the course as much as I would have liked either through live chat or comments on blogs. A virtual community virtually go there. I suppose this is where a service like Twitter can help, being brief and more immediate.

I am sure that the blogs from this course will prove a valuable resource to look back at when I am considering using one of the services covered and want an opinion I can trust.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Thing 23 - Making it all work together

I use Flipbook when I remember! I have also signed up to Hootsuite to see which I prefer but as I only really use LinkedIn and Twitter for work I find it easy enough to go directly to either site.

I still struggle to keep up with Twitter although I do find it an extremely useful current awareness too. I find it very interesting to think about how it would have changed the job I used to do when I wrote huge number of current awareness bulletins amalgamating info from a variety of sources by hand. I would be interested to see how such work is done now.

I find weeding out the relevant form the interesting and not getting side tracked is extremely difficult.

I have really enjoyed this course, although I have not worked through it as methodically as I had planed and have had to cram a fair bt in at the end it has been useful, making me think about sources I was already familiar with and alerting me to new ones.

Thank you all

Thing 22 - Mobile Things

The only app I use, outside those already covered, for work is Google Googles. I use it to scan barcodes for books that look good. I have also used the app for one of the LMSs which is useful for the children but I only use when it's really necessary.

I find space very limited on my mobile and so tend to keep only apps that are paying their way. Too many companies have created an app because they think it is a necessary part of being online. As long as their website is written to be read on a mobile there is often no need for an app.

I will be really interested to see what others have found useful and whether I am just being a humbug.

Thing 21 - Infographics

I often admire good info graphics and am really pleased to be looking at this.

I can really imagine being able to create some of these and add them as free resources on my site to put up in schools to cover all sorts of things.

I played with this book vs film idea on Piktochart but have to say that I didn't find the software as easy to use as I had hoped. I had space I couldn't get rid of and discovered an underlying spreadsheet which I couldn't get to grips with really.

I'm sure given more time and thought this could be a very powerful resource. I am excited by the possibilities.

Library rules?
Choosing a new book?
Using the catalogue?
Writing reviews?

Thing 20 - Presentations

I recently gave a presentation to a group of head teachers. It was a pitch for work and therefore very important. I took the decision to speak without slides or visual prompts. I believe that slides can easily distract attention or do no more than repeat what you are saying. If I have data to show or a video of my work then it could be sued but just to accompany a verbal presentation I am very wary.

I have thought of recording a presentation to put on my website so that potential schools can hear me talk about what I do but so far I have not been brave enough.

My inclination would have been to go to Google slides as I am so google centric but having looked at Prezi I might give that a try, I'm only concerned that I am not artistic enough to make it stand out. If I do go for it I'll add it here.

Thing 19 - Legal side of Things

Having worked in such a variety of libraries during my career and having a legal background I am always aware that I never know enough about copyright and I rarely feel truly comfortable with it.

I have yet to create any content as part of this course that I can imagine being shared. I would like to be attributed if I am quoted anywhere but this seems a distant possibility.

On my website I am horribly conscious of copyright issues. I have a news feed on there which usually links out to other sites and in order to attract attention I often add a logo or similar. I do so only where I am linking directly to the page but am never sure that I don't need to ask for permission to do so.

I feel this is a professional mindfield and one it is very hard to keep up with, the law is developing slower than the technology. It is an aim of my CPD this year to make sure that I am up to date and doing the right thing.

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