Friday, 29 January 2016

Thing 11 - Reflective Practice

This course has been a very interesting experience in terms of time management for me. As I am self employed I don't have the constraints of an employer or boss controlling my time but I have found it very difficult to manage the course efficiently

I was managing very well, largely keeping up until the summer holidays started and then with my kids at home and time no longer my own I found weeks were going past when new 'Things' were being posted and I was not on top of things. Hence between school starting in September and the end of the course I was catching up. This is not a position I enjoyed being in and I think I found it more difficult to engage with the modules and the other people on the course because I was out of sync.

I think I would have prefered the course to run along term times rather than over a long holiday. I am sure that not everyone had this issue but I am certain I enjoyed the last part of the course less because I no longer felt so in touch with the time frames.

I am not a prolific writer and always tend to keep my written work brief so I didn't find the blogs particularly hard to write although no doubt if you'd spoken to me after each 'Thing' I'd have said more. Maybe I should have dictated my thoughts into a blog post...something to consider if I ever do it again.

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